At MedChem Innovations, LLC, we are fully committed to customer satisfaction. Our flexible business model allows our clients access to the support they require, including single, “one-off” consultations, periodic engagements, or long-term, continuous relationships. Rates can be based on whatever best suits the client: hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, long-term retainers, or flat-rate fees for defined projects. Complete confidentiality is guaranteed.

Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery Research


  • Hit identification
  • Advancing initial hits to sustainable leads
  • Lead optimization
  • Analog/target molecule design
  • Development of structure-activity relationships
  • Structure-based drug design
  • Fragment-based drug design

Project Management


  • Build and lead high-performing teams
  • Implement medicinal chemistry and drug discovery strategies to accelerate the design, synthesis, evaluation and progression of high-quality drug candidates
  • Collaborate across biology, biochemistry, medicinal chemistry, development chemistry, DMPK, safety assessment, and CM

Intellectual Property

  • Work with patent attorneys to prepare patent applications
  • Analysis of patentability of subject matter
  • Analysis of competitive landscape

Synthetic Organic Chemistry

  • Synthetic route design
  • Synthetic chemistry problem-solving
  • Scale-up of intermediates and final products (non-GMP).

Contract Research Organizations

  • Externalization/outsourcing of R&D activities, including medicinal chemistry, scale-up chemistry, biology and DMPK, at US and international (China and India) contract research organizations (CROs)
  • Selection of CROs
  • Management of CRO activities

Due Diligence

  • Analysis of in-licensing opportunities
  • Assistance with externalization of internal assets
  • Evaluation/advice on internal drug discovery efforts
  • Analysis of chemical lead series and research programs
  • Analysis of drug discovery approaches to novel targets
  • Support of company fund-raising activities